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Argonaut is a full service advisory, stockbroking & research and investment house with offices in Perth and Hong Kong. Argonaut is technically driven & focused on natural resource companies & businesses that service the metals, mining, energy and agri-business sectors. Argonaut has an established track record of creating significant wealth for clients.

Morning Notes

The S&P 500 finished unchanged overnight at 2,546 after a volatile session swinging almost 2% from peak to trough, the Dow Jones gained 0.4% overnight to 23,676; The Federal Reserve begins a two-day policy meeting Tuesday which is considered the most scrutinized session in years as the Fed takes direct fire from President Donald Trump calling for officials to cease raising interest rates; Brent crude oil fell 6% overnight to US$ 56.05/bbl, its largest decline in 3 weeks due to surging supply from the US and Russia; Saudi Arabia’s government expects Brent crude oil to stabilise in 2019 at an average price of US$ 80.00/bbl, assuming their production continues at 10.2 million barrels per day; Copper posted the lowest close since September overnight on the LME as Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech regarding China’s economy, which increased investor concerns. Copper fell 2.5% to US$ 5,945/t; The US gold price gained 0.3% overnight to US$ 1,249.00/oz as concerns mounted over the direction of China’s economy and traders await the Fed’s decision regarding monetary policy this week. 

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Latest Research

Argonaut has completed its 2018 review of the best undeveloped projects (BUPs) in the metals and mining sector that are majority owned by ASX listed companies. Notably, the selection of projects which meet Argonaut’s criteria below was lower this year. We attribute this to declining exploration expenditure and few discoveries from 2011 to 2016. Subsequently, the number of projects advancing to feasibility stage has declined.

Selection criteria: Argonaut’s ‘bottom-up’ fundamental approach is generally commodity and management agnostic. However, we do apply some jurisdictional filters, removing projects in the highest geopolitical and sovereign risk countries.
Argonaut continues to use the following selection criteria to identify what we consider to be the Best Undeveloped Projects (BUPs), which include:
1. Development stage between scoping study and pre-commercial production
2. An Internal Rate of Return (IRR) exceeding 25%
3. Profitable through all market/commodity price cycles[1]
4. A high likelihood of achieving >$100m project valuation within 24 months
5. The stock must have a market capitalisation less than A$5b

Key themes in 2018 include: Key themes we cover in this edition of BUPs include; the lack of projects entering feasibility stage as a consequence of low investment in exploration, a push for technology in mining, the onset of M&A and key targets going forward, increasing risk in African states and the increase of underground development in Australia.
How did our 2017 BUPs perform? As with previous editions, a number of stocks from the 2017 BUPs have progressed to production or more advanced feasibility studies. The eleven projects that made our 2017 list had a mixed return in terms of share price appreciation; however, all have advanced in status with four moving into production and four on the brink of commencing construction.
High margin, low risk: Perhaps the key criterion to our BUPs is low cost, high margin assets with the capability to maintain strong financial returns through the commodity price cycle. The quality of such projects enables a broader range of financing options, underpins likely development as well as increasing M&A appeal.
Macro headwinds: Whilst some of our 2017 list incurred stock specific issues which impacted share performance, the broader group was the victim of negative macro themes, foremost, the ongoing trade war between the US and China which has shaken global markets. As a result, there has been a flight from risk sectors in particular those exposed to Chinese resources demand. This is evidenced by the S&P ASX Small Resource Index which has fallen 17% since the US announced its first major tariffs in July 2018 (vs the S&P ASX 100 and 200 Indexes which are down just 7% over the same period). In addition, the rise of the US dollar has impacted demand for resources priced in USD.
Stock specific impacts: The challenges of permitting resource projects and the risks associated with delays and working capital manifested in 2018. Regis Resources’ McPhillamys’ project and Berkeley Energia’s Salamanca project were both delayed due to challenging permitting regimes. Stocks such as Dacian Gold, Gascoyne Resources, Metro Mining and Paringa Resources highlighted the need to raise sufficient capital to ward off events which led to higher working capital requirements at or near the production ramp-up stage.

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Latest News

Argonaut is pleased to announce the successful $12.5 million Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) on the ASX of Stealth Global Holdings Ltd (“Stealth” or “the Company”). Stealth is a fast-growing sales and distribution group supplying safety, industrial, workplace and healthcare consumable products and customised supply solutions to business customers across the resources, engineering, transport and general industrial sectors.

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