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Argonaut Congratulates Global Construction Services Ltd on their Merger of Equals with SRG Ltd, to create SRG Global Ltd

Argonaut acted as Financial Advisor to the Board of Directors of GCS for the $322 million Merger with SRG, a leading global Specialist Engineering, Construction and Maintenance group. Argonaut provided key industry expertise and negotiation support and helped deliver a strategic and highly beneficial result for GCS shareholders.

Commenting on the Merger, incoming Managing Director, David Macgeorge, said;

“This significantly enhances our ability to partner with our clients over the full lifecycle of an asset. Our goal now is to maximise the strength of the combined group to deliver growth across the business and continue the journey to becoming a leading global specialist engineering, construction and maintenance group.”

Argonaut is delighted to provide continued support to SRG Global Ltd and looks forward to our ongoing work with the Company.

Additional information regarding SRG Global Ltd can be found on Global Construction Services’ website at