Jason and the Argonauts

Jason & the Argonauts

The Greek myth follows Jason and a band of heroes and warriors called the Argonauts. The Argonauts accompanied Jason in a fearsome quest to find the treasured Golden Fleece & reclaim his rightful throne.

When Jason turned 20 he returned to his homeland to claim his throne, Jason’s Uncle Pelias had stolen the throne from Jason’s father. When confronted, Pelias agreed to give up his throne if Jason undertook a quest to find and return with the legendary Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece cut from a magical ram was said to be in a faraway land guarded by a dragon that never slept. Pelias believed this quest to be impossible and as Jason would never return his throne would be safe.

In spite of the impossibility of the challenge Jason sent word seeking those brave and willing who wished to earn the glory of succeeding on this perilous adventure. Fifty heroes and warriors assembled and were named the Argonauts after their fifty oared ship the Argo.  Jason and the Argonauts set sail on their brave quest overcoming many seemingly impassable situations and challenges, such as fields of soldiers, sea monsters and a fire-breathing dragon, before finally recovering the Golden Fleece and reclaiming Jason’s throne.

In the same way as the Argonauts of old we masterfully face investment decisions and recommendations utilising our expert team who act with honesty and integrity. Our Argonauts are leading specialists in their areas and are led by an experienced executive team who hold deep industry knowledge. We are recognised as a firm of excellence in the natural resources and investment industries. Argonaut strives to possess expertise across the full capital spectrum, and are able to deliver our corporate clients financial solutions during their entire company life cycle.

Similar to the victorious journey undertaken by the mythical Argonauts we possess an established track record of successfully creating significant wealth for clients.