Business Model

Argonaut is focused on sectors where its expertise can add substantial value and targets companies in specific capitalisation ranges. That expertise and Argonaut's location in Perth and Hong Kong provide a natural advantage in specific industries:

  • Global hard rock resources
  • Global energy
    • Upstream oil & gas
    • Uranium
    • Power Generation
    • Alternative energy sources, biodiesel, biomass etc.
  • Australian-based service companies to the natural resources industries
  • Australian-based agribusiness
  • Special situations in Western Australia
  • Access to the growing range of investors in Hong Kong and Asia generally
  • Climate change

Argonaut targets corporate clients that are growth companies with market capitalisations between $30 million and $5 billion. Argonaut will consider acting for companies whose market capitalisation is below $30 million where those companies meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Quality management
  • The underlying asset is commercially significant
  • Argonaut holds or takes a meaningful principal position